Does Acupuncture hurt?

No, acupuncture does not hurt.  I have a gentle Japanese needling style and don’t do a lot of manipulation with the inserted needles.  Acupuncture needles are solid and very thin (like a strand of hair).  When inserted, patients may experience a very brief “zing” sensation or a feeling of heaviness.   The sensation only lasts a couple of seconds and then dissipates completely.  The needles are so thin, usually, patients feel nothing.  A point can always be removed if there is discomfort.

Do I have to be ill to benefit from acupuncture?

Absolutely not.  Many people come for treatment to relax, de-stress and/or strengthen their immune system.  I call those ‘tune-up’ treatments. Even if you feel good, regular Acupuncture treatments (monthly is a good preventative maintenance plan, especially when combined with massage) make you feel even better.

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time. I used to but quickly found out that Arizona has little to no acupuncture coverage from health insurance. I do however offer acupuncture packages that drop down the treatment to $50/session.

What kind of education/background does an acupuncturist have?

A licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) has over 3000 hours of training and studies 4-5 years in acupuncture school to obtain a proper education and degree. There are three board exams one must pass in the state of Arizona to obtain an acupuncture license.

What are the side effects of acupuncture?

Some patients report that they may be a little tired after their first treatment, but the next day feels rejuvenated. The biggest side effect of acupuncture is the sense of calmness or increased energy and great sleep.

How often do you recommend treatments?

For healthy patients with nothing major occurring, once a month is a great maintenance plan. We can tune up the body, increase energy, improve sleep, concentration, and balance the adrenal and nervous system. For chronic conditions that one has had for years, it may take 5-10 treatments to see significant improvement. Any acute conditions are usually resolved quickly. After significant improvement is clear, treatment recommendations will be reduced to perhaps once every two weeks until we can get you on the maintenance plan of once a month. Acupuncture is like taking a pill or working out, once is usually not enough. Getting a   series of treatments not too far apart from each other is the best course of action.

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