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Black Lives DO indeed Matter



Black Lives DO indeed Matter, Gentle Strength Holistics in Tempe, Arizona

I've been thinking about what I wanted to say, and if I even wanted to put this out to the world. When I think of all the injustice and abuse people of color ( not to mention the indigenous peoples) have endured here I get so angry, and then I feel helpless. But then I remind myself that there is always hope and we have to keep looking forward and do better. Like Oprah says, when we know better we can do better. So this is me putting out my stance as a human being, white woman, and mender, that Black Lives Matter.   I have updated my website with a non-discrimination statement, because I want all my current and potential patients to know that there is no room for racism in my clinic. I have more to say, yet don't know how to put much of it into words so I'm going to end this right here. May we all be happy , healthy and safe. I love you all. 

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