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Energy Work - Gentle Strength Holistics in Tempe, Arizona

~Energy Work~


What is energy work?

“How can we explain a spiritual experience intellectually? It is not entirely possible”-Echo Bodine,  from her book  HANDS THAT HEAL 

Energy work is based on the concept of a subtle non-physical energy, which sustains all living organisms. This energy is a vitalizing, universal force, which is always present and available. The practice of energy work represents a conscious effort to draw upon this universal life, energy, and direct its flow for healing. Energy work attunes to the subtle energy, identifies various ways in which it can become disordered by disease and helps that reestablish a normal flow.

In it's simplest explanation , Energy Healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. An energy worker uses their hands to direct,   add energy or life force, and remove stagnant energy during a session.

Why get energy healing?

Energy Healing is beneficial for everyone (even pets, not just humans) . Whether you're grappling with physical diseases like Cancer treatment, Autoimmune conditions, or emotional and psychological conditions. You may feel ‘off’ and are seeking alignment of mind, body, and spirit.  It enhances traditional medical treatments and can be used alongside or as a standalone therapy.

What does an energy work session look like?

You will come to the office (Unless it is a distant healing session, then see below) and discuss your intentions for healing. Then, you relax on a massage table, fully clothed, and experience the energy work. Light touch may also be used. Many people experience meditative states, peaceful sleep, or an awareness of the work being done, and some gain insights into emotional or spiritual influences on their health during the session. I may receive intuitive hits and share them with you. Afterward, you may talk with the me about what came up during the session and ways to maintain the healing and address any underlying causes.

Energy Healing appointments are approximately  60 minutes, including time at the end of the actual healing to discuss.

Long-Distance Session: I will connect with you over the phone , then you lie down in a restful space for the duration of the session. Many patients feel the same sensations as they would in person. Afterward, we discuss insights and next steps.


Pamela has been doing intuitive energy healing work since 2003, when she took her first Reiki certification course with Brian Dailey, MD of Rochester, NY. In 2008 she completed a Mahatma Reiki certification with Rev. Debbie Brown of Peace house in Phoenix Arizona. In the past two decades she has studied different forms of energy work in addition to Reiki, taking courses in Pranic healing, Energetic Anatomy , and Quantum Touch healing technique. In 2021 Pamela began studying medical intuition with Tina Zion, world renowned medical intuitive and medium. Today her energy work sessions are a signature intuitive blend of all her studies and experience. 



I can not say enough about Pam and her practice precision paired with her kindness and genuine care for others! The information and detail she was able to provide for the wellbeing of my toddler and myself were absolutely invaluable during a time when modern medicine was unable to provide answers or aid. She was both professional and personable and on numerous occasions followed up and checked in on the progress of my child long after our appointment/s with Pam. If you are curious about Pam and her services, 10/10 I suggest jumping in with both feet, no hesitation! ~ T Riley

Pamela Lynn is truly insightful to an almost “eerie” level in the best possible way. I struggle with a major health concern that I mainly keep closeted and she was able to pinpoint and treat the concern with both knowledge and empathy. She is a rare find    -Amanda M

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a reading with Pamela Lynn.. He medical intuition is very accurate, her energy is warm and inviting. The best part was the healing  at the end.. That took me a hot minute to integrate.. If you have any physical symptoms I would definitely recommend you reach out to Pamela Lynn for guidance ~Dawn O

The atmosphere was beautiful and welcoming. My session started and ended on time. The energy healing itself was much more than I expected it to be. I not only felt the energy but got messages from my angels that were spot on and what I needed to hear. It was a great experience. I left feeling relaxed and changed in the best of ways. Thank you!~ A, Shelby

Medical Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing sessions with Pamela Gangler are educational only and are not intended to provide a physician-patient relationship, give diagnoses, prescribe treatment or do psychotherapy. Please contact your health care provider to obtain treatment. If you are in an emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room.***


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Energy Work - Gentle Strength Holistics in Tempe, Arizona


Energy Work - Gentle Strength Holistics in Tempe, Arizona